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Airdel Electricals LLP stands at an edge in manufacturing, supplying, distributing, and exporting high-performance, stylish, and reasonably priced pedestal fans. As one of the most trusted Pedestal Fan Manufacturers, we ensure our fans a fresh breeze of air, be it on your veranda, garden, or indoors. With stylish and beautiful design, the appliances eliminate all discomfort with powerful air delivery.

Airdel fans offer height and tilting adjustment features that ensure comfort at all levels. Whether it is single-piece blades or double blades, we offer fans of different types that guarantee great air delivery. Their instant cooling mechanism and efficient performance make them excellent for households, offices, or any commercial buildings. These portable fans have the ability to cool down any space in your home.

Benefits and Specifications of Pedestal Fans

Our fans have strong cast iron for super stability. Heavy-duty motors and advanced features allow them to perform well even at low voltage. Since they have powder-coated paint in a metallic finish, they are free from corrosion. Metal blades of the different sizes used in our fans deliver high air thrust. And strong body and heavy base make sure total comfort in a wide area.

  • High speed and air delivery due to Aerodynamic blade design
  • 100% copper motor for long-lasting performance
  • Unique pivot arrangement for easy tilting
  • Heavy base and strong body for rugged use
  • Strong and durable metal blades that ensure powerful performance
  • Adequate safety with fuse to automatically protect during thermal overload
  • Blades and PP body guarantee corrosion protection

One of the fastest-growing Pedestal Fan Manufacturers, Airdel Electricals manufactures fans that are energy-efficient and excellent for the summer heat. Whether you need a portable fan for home use, office use, or commercial purposes, our products are the best option with a warranty and assure you and your loved ones remain cool and comfortable during summer.

Why Airdel Electricals Pedestal Fan?

Airdel Electricals is a prominent name when it comes to the best and most reliable Pedestal Fan Manufacturers. Depending on your requirements, we can make fans with a plastic guard to reduce the noise level. Our fans have 3-speed regulators to control the speed level, a noiseless operation mechanism, elegant and compact design. We manufacture both Normal and High-Speed pedestal fans. Explore our range of fans and select one to experience icy cool comfort.

Get in touch if you want to buy the best quality pedestal fans or partner with us as a dealer, distributor, or wholesaler.

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